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We are accommodating creative and competent staffs who would be responsible for the future of the company in 21st century with spirit of passion and challenge
Hiring of new university graduate employees  │ No plans for hire at this time
Hiring of experienced employees│ No plans for hire at this time
Classification New University Graduates Experienced Workers
Qualifications | Junior College graduates or better | Experienced workers for applied sections
Hiring Period | Periodic open hire once a year | Occasional hire if necessary
Application Method | Mail and in person
Documents submitted during Application | Designated application form of our company/1 copy of self introduction
| Report card of latest education (include university records for people who completed graduate school)
| Language score and copy of license, 1 copy of resident registration
| Experienced Worker : Submit experience certificate and experience description (free description)
Screening | document screening → written test → interview → final acceptance
Announcement of successful applicants | Individual announcement using personal e-mail or phone
   Acceptance can be checked in our homepage.
* Human Resources Manager of Woorim Machinery Co, Ltd
(TEIL : 055-286-1551)